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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ramadhan Realisations

This Ramadaan has been particularly special for me. Having moved to the UK from South Africa 8 months ago, this was my first Ramadaan in this new place we have chosen for our Hijra - and how much we have learnt by moving away from home and experiencing a new city, a new country and starting a new life, Alhamdulillah I realise now how Islam is all about what YOU make it to be, how you create an Islamic "feeling", how you create an atmosphere of Islam and take it wherever you go - in your heart, thoughts and behaviour. Maybe back home it was so easy, and a sense of Islam was always there so I forgot. I forgot how I have to work hard to bring it alive so that I feel it wherever I go, Inshallah. I realise now how Ramadaan is all about what you make of it. Working in a corporate environment, being out the whole day, you could almost miss the Ramadaan spirit - unless your spirit at home captures it. Its what you create in your space that makes a Ramadaan. I used radio stations to create the atmosphere, and cooking our family favourites also reminded me what Ramadaan was like growing up. I also continued my usual Ramadaan praying habits and tried to make my hectic schedule work around my ibaadah- but you could use anything - its just that YOU have to create it and make it work for you, Inshallah I realise how time is indeed so short, and all we have to do is sacrifice for 1 month, 4 weeks, 30 days. I tried as much as I could to put some things in my life on hold, like extra work stuff or reading novels - just for this short month InshallahI realised how we can spend our time in so many better ways than watching movies and TV. I cant believe how I didnt miss it at all, Alhamdullilah..makes you think! Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed me to with these Realisations this Ramadaan, and with His will these Realisations can translate into firm Resolutions :)
Taskeen Jamal KarimMuslimah 4 Life