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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awakening Nightmare by Aaisha Haffejee

I wake in the deep of the dark night,
I feel flustered, anxious, curious as to why my body is drenched in cold, clammy sweat,
I sit up straight,
Breathe I say to myself, breathe..
I flop down flat again,
I pry and push but the band crushing my chest just won't let up,
Inhale... Exhale
My heart thuds harder.. Faster

Am I dying? Is this what the end feels like?
Curiosity melts like ice,
All that remains is bubbling, boiling fear...fear.. Intense fear

Why? Isn't death supposed to be a never ending dream? A slumber so silent and serene?

As my mind spins spirals I drift off to sleep..
I awake to my mothers familiar, frantic call to fajr.
I suck the air into the depths of my soul and sigh,
I made it through the nightmare..
Allah SWT has given me a true wake up call, another chance to change my ways, another shot at redemption,

I perform my wudhu in peace,
Savouring the welcome wash with cool water and being saved from the boiling couldrons of jahannam,

I sit and stand in salaah, so obedient, so still
Humbled by my Creator's mercy, protected from his punishment

I replace the routine scowl I give my parents every morning with a sweet smile and salaam
Grateful for this irreplaceable Allah SWT has granted me.

I spend the day, and every day after that, remembering Allah in every little thing I do, making shukr for this life I've been given and praying for paradise.

Its not too late dear brothers and sisters, we can all aim to attain paradise, eternal peace with Almighty Allah SWT in the aakhirah by doing even one tiny good deed each day...

Don't wait for doom day to arrive, make your death a delightful day