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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Profile:Aaisha Haffejee

Name: Aaisha Haffejee Date of Birth/Age: 23 May 1991 / 19
Your personal mission statement: To fulfill my role as a sincere servant of my Rabb, to use my knowledge to aid others suffering from ilness, injury or impairment and to help our people to become a better, stronger ummah. Family: I have been blessed with a mother who embodies the true essence of compassion, sabr, love and selflessness, a father who's gentle and genuine affection and care is truely honourable. A big brother who is adored and admired. A sister in law with a unique inner and outer beauty. And last but not least, a sister.. Without whom I wouldn't be half the person I am today. A sister who is a true gift from Allah SWT. High School Education:Westville Girls' High School. Tertiary Education&field of study:Bachelor of Surgery MBChB, 2nd year
Work Experience: Aaisha's Cutiful Cupcakes -own catering business Community Organisations/Clubs/Societies and position therein:MSA - NRM School of medicine, Ameerah & IMA
Areas of community work: KZN orpanages, old age homes. Current fields of interest/ -activities: I absolutely adore cooking and baking, love islamic literature and spending time with family and friends in the rememberance of Allah SWT. plans for 1432: To pass this year academically, inshaa allah. To become more tolerant of others, forgive and forget, turn my heart towards Allah and Allah alone and to correct my own faults, inshaa allah. Advice to muslim women:Whenever you feel down and despondent, remember that you are never alone, Allah SWT is always with you, in every moment of happiness, through every tear, and during every decision. Always have faith in Him and the power of duaa, talk to your Rabb.. He will certainly reply even if its not at the time you desire or in the manner you think is best. Also, remember the importance of dawah, always speak of Allah, his prophets, his sahaabah and his deen, it will bring his pleasure and mercy upon you. What greater honour can there be?