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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Parents, through the looking glass by Aaisha Haffejee

I gaze at her hands... I see hues of beauty, I see grace, even through their imperfections

I gaze at his hands... I see my Hercules, strong, brave, bold. Even though they're ordinary

I stare at her silhouette... So elegant, so confident. Even through her heartbreaks

I Stare at his shadow... So still, so dependable. Even through these tough times

I look into her eyes...she gazes into mine..
Like we have so many times before..
Yet now I see the longing for love, the way she always loved me
I see the weathered wrinkles and the sad lines
I see the unshead tears, of turmoil, of tiredness, of untold unhappiness

In his eyes I see the burning burdens he faces each day, I see the wear and tear, I see the softness he so easily shows me even when he's sad, I see fear, I see frustration

Yet everyday, everytime they look at me I see their smiles. So honest, so true..

This is my mother, this is my father.

I don't tell them often enough how much I love them, appreciate them, treasure their hearts of gold...

But I pray that one day my duaas will do justice. I pray that Allah SWT grants them pearls for every tear, diamonds for every hardship and happiness eternally in Jannah, Inshaa Allah

Take time; a minute, a moment or a second to tell your parents you love them... It can be a smile, a soft kiss or a huge hug. Their duaas will be with you always..