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Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Ummah, My Ummah, Our Ummah by Aaisha Haffejee

We all worry about our world,
We've started saving energy,
Getting rid of greenhouse gases
Stepping up security to cut crime,

We fear for our future,
For the future of our children, grandchildren, mankind
We're so righteous, aren't we?
So caring and compassionate

We're so clued up about those consequences regarding or precious planet,
But we've forgotten that this place wasn't ours to begin with,
We could leave in a day or a decade

Well then what do we do? You say...

Remember when Hazrat Umar ibn Khattab RA accepted islam,
The takbeer of only a few sahaabi was heard throughout the city of madina

Praise your Lord, recite His name and the name of his Rasool aloud in your home,
The sweet sound will soon resonate the world round

Remember, Hazrat Uthmaan Ibn Affaan RA, the scribe of our scripture, who was starved for forty days by misguided muslims
And was stabbed and martyred whilst reading the holy Quraan,

Teach those around you to always maintain dignity, even in the face of danger and injustice. Be steadfast in your faith...
For Allah SWT promises you jannah if you fear none but him,
Your bravery will inspire the entire ummah

Remember Sayidinna Maryam RA, how she spent almost every minute in salaah. Even the angels were baffled by her devotion.

Sew the seeds of salaah with sincerity and kushoo in your children so that they may comprehend its importance and draw close to their Lord.

Remember the Messenger of Allah SAW, his final phrase on hid deathbed was simply: "Ummati, Ummati, Ummati"
Make each move of yours directed at doing only good for your deen and your ummah. Give an apple to an orphan, build a well where there is no water or teach the ways of islaam. Your options are endless...

Leave footprints in this world which will last in the path of Allah long after you've left..

We are the ummah of today,
let's help create a strong ummah of tomorrow inshaa allah.