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Friday, February 4, 2011

Profile :Zaheerah Bham--Ismail

Date of Birth/Age: 1978/ 07/01 : 32

Your personal mission statement: To try and do the best I can so that
when I meet my creator I can say "I Tried".

Family: My very supportive husband & best
friend Khaleel (married for 14 years this year, insha Allah). Three
daughters Nabeelah
(6), Tahiyyah (4) and Leeyah (1,6yrs). We have a wonderful extended family
support network and unit on both
sides of the family...truly blessed, Alhamdulillah. Greatest inspiration has
been my dear marhoom father Abdulhay
Moosa Bham.

Current City: Johannesburg

High School Education: Completed Matric at Crawford College in

Tertiary Education & field of study: BA (Speech & Hearing), BA, Montessori
part time course,

Work Experience:Currently Co-Own the Park Lane Speech
and Hearing Clinic, worked at Helen Joseph Hospital during my community
service, worked at Baragwanath Hospital during my 4th year of study, Worked
at Kids Court Support, worked at
Islamic Careline,

Community Organisations/Clubs/Societies and position therein: Caring
Womens Forum: co-chair.

Crescent Haven Childrens Home: Member of executive committee

IHSAN (Islamic Holistic School for Alternative Needs) : Trustee

Madressah IHSAN sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities: Facilitator

Areas of community work: varied: children to adults.
Impoverished, destitute, abandoned and orphaned children and families.
People living with

Current fields of interest/ activities: every project and organisation holds
a very special place in my heart - for various reasons.
With CWF: we always have
a number of projects running - currently we are completing two building
projects and supplying a home
for children in Midrand with School uniforms and shoes. We are also running
a toy drive for an
Early Developmental Centre that we've put up in Leandra with Gift of the
Givers. Setting up a feeding scheme at
Joburg Gen in addition to the one we usually run at Ethembeni children's
Home. We are also coordinating a daily
feeding scheme for the children that attend the centre in Leandra.
I volunteer for a
feeding scheme at Joburg Gen paed HIV wards.
Crescent Haven
Children's Home: we're currently revamping the boys section of the home
which was in desperate need of
remodelling. I'm involved in fundraising. A project very close to my heart
as my dad was very involved
with the home since its inception and I've volunteered there since I was in
IHSAN: another project I
feel strongly about. The centre caters for children and adults with
disabilities and it is run
within an Islamic framework. We have just moved premises and are formalising
our structure. Currently busy
drawing up the syllabus as well as arranging for medical and allied health
services to be offered to all
Sheltered workshop: the
adults of the centre are involved in a propjet which allows them to work and
earn a wage while being in a
safe environment. Skills are taught to them and they work to complete orders
such as tasbeehs, parcels,
quraan markers etc. Money received for these items is then distributed
amongst the students working on
the projects.
Speech and Audiology.
All skills and discipline learnt in my degree stands me well to adapt and
lend to other situations and
projects. I've met the most phenomenal people along my journey who have all
taught me something. I'm
very passionate about my work and currently co own the park Lane Speech and
Hearing Clinic.

plans for 1432: one day at a time...one task at a
time... I've learnt to never plan...but to be prepared...not to spend time
planning and structuring ...but rather embracing and doing! Again...my only
plan is to do the best that I can- to
try and never hurt another person and to gracefully accept whatever Allah
has put out for me this year.

Advice to muslim women: As women we always have more
than one role to fill - be it daughter, sister, wife, mother, teacher,
educator, planner, etc.
The roles never stop. We often expect more from ourselves than even others
do. We need to remember
that we're all entitled to some "time off". As sisters we all walk in each
other's footsteps. If we don't stand
together or support each other: we all lose.
We spend far too much
time worrying about what "somebody else" has to say or waiting for someones
approval: People
will always have something to say- it means you're doing something!!
My dad used to always
tell me to remember "this too shall pass"..in good times it will keep you
humble and in the bad or
difficult times it will give you hope for the future.
If you want to do
something or be part of something..don't wait for someone to start it or do
it for you...do it
yourself. At the end of the day you are individually answerable for all that
we do or our lack of doing. To
realise that every little we do will make a difference to that one person
and that is alot (the jellyfish story)
...and on the flip side: to realise that we have so far to go and so much to
do before we are worthy of meeting
our Creator. May He be pleased with us all.


Unknown said...

MashaAllah, you are truly inspirational , dynamic positive personality and are definitely fulfilling your duties to Allah swt's creation..Keep up the good work,and may we women follow your footsteps