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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am because Allah says I am by Aaisha Haffeejee

My heart
It pulses, it thuds
It whispers, it pounds
It keeps a rhythm of its own..
A humming or a drumming,
So it sounds...

Allah holds my heart,
I love for Allah

My lungs
They rise, they fall
In they pull, out they push
Not by any person's call...
Gasp... WHOOSH
Inflating, rejuvenating

My lungs listen to Allah,
I breathe for Allah

My bones
They stand firm,
They stand strong,
Supporting, protecting
No matter the pressure, they do not tire, crumble or expire..

My bones bow to Allah,
I stand for Allah
I sit for Allah
I walk for Allah
I move for Allah, I live for Allah

My mind
It thinks, it reasons,
It decides, it regulates,
Simple facts like the seasons
Or a complex sum it calculates

My mind is at the mercy of Allah,
All knowledge is from Him,
I function for Allah

Your entire being,
your entire body,
Has been created, so perfect, so flawless only by Almighty Allah,
By a hand so marvellous we cannot even begin to comprehend,
Why is this something many of us don't see?

Stop taking things for granted,
Allah has given you more than you could have ever wanted,
Spend your time in praise and gratitude, peace and solitude

Rather than bickering and complaining,
About what's unfair or what's paining..

Your Lord waits with arms wide open..