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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Be the Change You Want To See In The World...

After all my years on this earth, how was it, that a single saying by one of the world’s leaders had not passed my eyes and ears?
Be the change you want to see in the world”, by Mahatma Ghandi.
I have since encountered this saying on many occassions over the last few months in different settings and contexts and I think that it has taken as much time to understand and process its true meaning or rather I refused to understand…
Elements of society is one of fault – finding and critics and I myself had fallen into this abyss of negativity. However, recently, I found myself in a rather frustrating situation. I was simply not enjoying life.
My reasons had everything to do with what I didn’t have, with what I wasn’t doing, by who I wasn’t seeing and by the fact that I simply was so busy that I never had any time… hence my immense frustration.

My solution was to change my life in totality. I woke one morning and thought I had the greatest epiphany. I would quit my job, sell all my belongings and wander the earth freely, however, my great idea quickly sank as my practical husband challenged the ‘nuts and bolts” of my great plan, to which I stormed off in a fury of temper.
I was not looking at the blessings that Allah (SBT) had bestowed upon me or the various comforts that I had been afforded. I did not understand that the very frustrations driving my unhappiness were of my own doing and actions and that I was not appreciating the people closest and dearest to me.
It changes with a single thought and the will to change your own life. This is rather clichĂ©’d however, I stopped seeing the glass half empty, but rather started seeing the glass half full.
We can change our lives and make a difference by the way we think, the way we act and interact with others and by the choices we make. My greatest commodity is time… and I had to reach a very firm resolution on how and with who to spend that time. Instead, of constantly trying to reach for the next “fad” or societal status feature, I have decided to enjoy my life as it is, with what I have and to appreciate the people that have moulded, grounded and made such affluent contributions to my life – my family and friends.