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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Can we be too enthusiastic?

Islam, a complete way of life. This is what we read and hear when we attend classes and lectures but how much of our lives are really concerned with Islam? We sit happily threw Maghrib at the movies and sleep threw Fajr without even having set the alarm clock the night before.

So we make the conscious decision – I want to be a ‘good’ Muslim. Does this fly with our friends? Even our family members? You start your day by making Fajr and strive to make all you Salaah on time every day, just doing this is strengthening your Imaan. Things in your life going a bit better? So you enroll in a class or two, buy a book, start dressing more modestly, cover your arms and legs and stop wearing a bikini at the beach. Does all this go unnoticed? No, but do you wish it did? Everyone around is still doing the same things, no one is jumping on the band wagon with you. Instead they don’t phone because now you are boring and ‘the ultimate Muslim’, “you only do those things when you get old; you’re young now so have fun!” “Who says you must wear a scarf?” “You don’t need to until after you are married, had your first child or been on hajj?” At what point do we decide that Allah is more important? Our friends will get over it!

By: Lindzi Swinhoe