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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Strength of a Woman

Each and every woman knows that you need not only physical strength but emotional strength to survive in this “man’s world”. Moreover as Muslim woman we know the challenges are not only physical and emotional but we need spiritual strength to endure in this western world. As Muslim woman, we are the foundation to a solid family. Strength of a woman lies in her body, mind and soul. The body: is the outer shell in which protects the mind and soul. Muslims understand our bodies are not ours, but are an amaanat from Allah; therefore we need to take care of our bodies in exercise, nutrition, piercings etc.The mind: which we need to keep strong with Deen, so let not the devil make use of an idle mind. The soul: this will be first place in which Allah will look and judge us accordingly. Let our souls be filled with love for Allah and please Him by doing good deeds, being righteous and modest.
“O, Muslim woman, never belittle any gift you give your neighbour even if it is a hoof of a sheep” (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)
by:Sister Laila Tayob