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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something for every woman to ponder on…

Every woman is seen off from her home on two occasions:
Once when she leaves her parents' home to get married.The second when she leaves her home in this world to travel to her abode in the hereafter. If only all young girls would wait in anticipation for and dream about their second farewell as much as they do for the first. It is a reality that the second is far more important than the first, for our eternal fate depends on how well we are received when we reach our final destination.
Reflect on the following:
First farewell
Second farewell
Anxiety about whether or not the husband-to-be will be happy with her
Whether or not Allah will be pleased with what He sees.
Grand trousseau
Righteous deeds.
Dressed in the most expensive of outfits
Attire of "Taqwa
Invitations are handed out
Allah Himself invites her to Jannah
Hosts welcome the guests

By:Sister Laila Tayob