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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Many times we see mothers slap or hit their children when they are naughty or disobedient, yet those children cling on to their mothers and refuse to leave them. Although the child is getting a hiding well deserved, how can the child leave its mother? Where would the child go? If that child is not prepared to leave its mother, similarly, we should never leave our Creator? There is no one else for us, except Allah.

When afflicted with difficulties and trial, then sabr should be exercised, or when granted the best of bounties and gifts, plenty of gratitude and appreciation should be expressed. In both conditions, the person retains his trust and his faith in Allah, and together with the acceptance, patience and tolerance exercised, the heart is blessed with the sweetness of imaan. No matter what the condition or circumstance, our dependence upon Allah should be as the child's dependence upon its mother!

Handing all matters to Allah, resigning oneself to the decisions of Allah and believing that there is great wisdom in His decisions, creates peace in one's life.
Thus, to protect the imaan of His servants, Allah grants some people favourable conditions while for others, less favourable conditions because Allah knows full well that instead of coming to Him, making ibadah and shukr, they will squander in haraam, so He decides for us, in order for our imaan to remain intact!

2:216 "…But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not."

The real test is in suppressing the nafs from haraam. On doing this, Allah will ignite our hearts with the nur of imaan. An example: After the government declares an area, a disaster area, they supply the material, sand, cement, etc, for the reconstruction of homes or buildings that were destroyed. In a similar context, when evil desires make their way into our hearts and we smash and destroy them for the pleasure of Allah, then this fragile building (our heart) is shattered into thousands of fragments!! On the pain and grief experienced at this destruction, Allah will reconstruct our hearts with the sweetness and the nur of imaan.

This relationship with Allah is analogous to two pages stuck firm by glue. That glue has created such a 'strong' bond that the page can be torn, but the two pages will never separate. This is the kind of relationship we need to build with our Creator, that irrespective of the condition, we will never separate ourselves from Him.

By:Naadira Moosajee-Moola