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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beautiful Girl...

Where do I begin; there are so many things I’d like for you to know, to learn & to experience, but I realise that I cannot teach you & protect you from everything, because there are things in life that you’ll have to learn & experience for yourself.
Life is a challenging journey, and I realise that the most precious gift I can give you, is the gift of Imaan, wrapped with guidance and lots of encouragement & sealed with a Mothers Love.
Although you are too young to understand any of this now, I trust that as you grow up, you will always keep these words in your heart and refer to them when you need it. Your life’s journey has just begun, and I watch you as you explore and try to take in this world around you, discovering new treasures everyday. Today im with you, holding your hand, always in your shadow waiting to help you in case you stumble, but my beautiful daughter time passes too quickly and soon you wont need me behind you all the time.
These are very trying times and the words are too many and pages too few, but I trust that if you remember these five things, you will find that peace and happiness that everyone seems to be searching for.
● Remember that you are a Muslim first, before you are anything else; because without Imaan all our achievements are meaningless.
· Remember that you are Beautiful no matter what anyone says; because there is beauty in each and every creation of Allah Taala.
· Always be respectful& kind to everyone you meet, irrespective of age, religion or race; because kindness begets kindness.
· When life gets you down from time to time, always remember Allah and go back to the Sunnah of Nabi (SAW); for our every answer lies either in the Quraan or the Sunnah.
Remember that your joys are my joys, and your sorrows are my sorrows, and we share such a bond that no force on this earth can break, so come what may remember that im always here for you with an open mind and open arms.

Your Loving Mother
By: Sister Ayesha