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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Tribute to Mothers by: Laila Tayob

In a western world, one day per year, is set aside to pay tribute to mothers.This day has become so commercialized, that it is no longer about the sentiments of a mother, yet one big money making scheme.Mothers are the women whom have shaped us into the adults we are today, they kissed our scraped knees, helped us with homework, baked us cookies and so much more.As Muslims we are taught and commanded but Allah (SWT) to respect our mothers and to cherish them.As the hadith clearly states: “Jannah lies under our mother’s feet”.Hence we should not fall prey to the promotional tactics and tricks associated with only mother’s day on a western calendar but give recognition to our mothers every day.Through warm greetings, smiling, offering a helping hand and showing appreciation and gratitude to our mothers, not because the west tells us to, but because we love them and truly appreciate all that they do for us!