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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We’ve been taught that Jannat lies under the feet of our mothers, and if you take the time out to actually process the depth of that sentence, you will realise very quickly how important our mothers truly are. From the day she heard that you exist, she has been taking care of you and ensuring every possible comfort comes your way. When times get hard and you feel lost, a mother will always be there for you, listen to your troubles, be happy for you when you do something well and just be an overall light in your life.

To me, I feel that we take them for granted, and that to be absolutely honest, we may not always take the time out to see how they are doing, but that’s the nature of a mother isn’t it…because they never complain, we never actually see how much they do. And if for some reason they are not around, you can feel their absence to such an extent that the light that permeates your home feels as if it has disappeared.

I suppose in the mix of feelings that I’m trying to portray, lies the message of the importance of an indelible person in all of our families. A person, who not only cannot be replaced, but should not be ignored. A woman so special and so full of guidance, that Islam has elevated her to the heights of importance.

Let’s go home today and give her a hug just for being who she is, and for those who don’t have that special person in their lives for whatever reason, just take a moment out to remember how special our mothers are…..
By: Farhana Bham