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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Reminded Me…

Being divorced and having 4 kids, makes life quite hectic for me. It helps having a routine but getting there isn’t always easy. It was late afternoon, my usual routine started when I arrived home from work. Checking homework, listening to the day’s events, with all ears and from four mouths. I ordered the 2 small ones into the shower; again many idle threats “scrub you clean or else”. On one such day as I hurried the two out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, all the while listening to the food heating in the microwave, and at the same time telling the 2 bigger kids to set the table, switch on the lights, close the curtains… my daughter lays there starng at me with a very happy look on her face, “Mommy, she says: remind me to also wash, cream and dress you when you get old” well at that moment I just stopped, “ How do you mean baby? “ She says: “Mommy it feels soo nice to lay here when you massage my back and then my legs, I’m so relaxed. Then when you cream me, it makes my skin so soft, I want to do that for you someday”. That reminded me… what you do for your children, will most certainly come back to you. Make every moment precious and every moment count.

By: Sister Ameera